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This guide will help you choose the correct fit and size corset for yourself.


All our corsets are sized in even waist sizes rising in two-inch increments and the equivalent dress sizes, also rising in 2 size increments.


Corsets should be ordered 4-5 inches below your natural waist measurement, depending on the desired effect. If you are tiny, then your waist will not compress as easily, nor as far, as a person who is larger. We recommend ordering a corset 2inches under the wearer’s natural waist size for the inexperienced or casual corset wearer.

Example - 4 inch below waist size :

A person whose natural waist size is 28 inches could order a corset of size 24 inches, and could wear the garment semi closed at the back giving a 2 inch reduction, or fully closed giving a 4 inch reduction. All corsets should be
comfortable to wear.

How Take A Waist Measurement

Take your measurements in inches, measure around the narrowest part of your waist.
Keep the tape snug, but don't pull tight.
Always measure 2-3 times for accuracy.

Corset Shapes

There are three main shapes of corset :

Dita Corset - The Dita corset has been specially designed to be longer in body and cover any unslighly bulges in the hip area. It also provides little more coverage in the bust area, as well as providing a very curvy shape through it's waist reduction.

Ella Corset - The Ella corset is a very flirty shape. It is shorter in the body, which means it is higher at the hips and lower at the bust. Ideal for our flirty or petite customers.

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